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Fly casting and talking fly casting bollox

That Hoary Old Chestnut

” I can’t cast far but I still catch fish”, or, ”presentation is much more important than distance” or other variations on the theme of  ‘I can’t be bothered to practice’.

 I hear and see these comments and other similar ones quite often and they grate every time.

 Why anyone decides to take up one of, if not the most, technically demanding type of fishing and then doesn’t bother to learn how, or apparently, doesn’t want to learn how,  to use the equipment properly is beyond my comprehension. So, you learn how to get a fly out 30′ without tangling and that’s good enough?. That’s like a baby learning to crawl and then deciding that will be enough to get it though the rest of it’s life.

 And, those comments also appear to look down on the rest of us who have bothered to learn how to walk and run.

 OK, my route to learning how to cast properly may have been a bit extreme, I got hooked on one particular aspect, I wanted pure distance and the quest for my first 100′ cast meant hours and hours of practice. It took me several months to move from the low nineties to be able to hit one hundred consistently. Your ambition may be to to get good turnover at eighty feet on the local reservoir, well the hours of practice you have put in to cast 100′ over grass  has just paid off hasn’t it?. And, you suddenly realise you have also developed a strange thing called ‘feel’ along the way, where did that come from?. When you get ‘feel’ you know you are on the way to being a good caster. You are not born with it ( I wasn’t anyway), it needs to be discovered and you discover things by exploring, that’s exactly what practice is for me, an exploration.

 For me now it’s finding out what I can get a flyline to do and you can get it do some pretty amazing things, take a look at this lot for a start,  http://www.sexyloops.com/carlos/index.shtml. Then there is stuff like this,

 Which you can learn to do, just for the hell of it. Why not?, it’s fun.

  So, now you have added control to feel. No more false casting like a demented metronome, no more worrying about that tree behind you, no more worrying about that overhanging bough, no more worrying about the wind, or the current or that weed bed or that rise 70′ away. You can just get on with what you enjoy most, catching fish.


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