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New Year resolution

I know we are still in the depths of winter but the new season isn’t so far away.

 I am always surprised how many fly fishers put their gear away for the winter and don’t see it again until opening day. If we get a nice day go out and practice, who knows you might actually enjoy it.

 Are you happy with your casting?, no? well get a lesson. I waited thirty years before I had my first one. Big mistake! now I have at least one every year from the best I can find, they are never a waste of time.

 I have learned that I don’t become a better caster during the lesson but the lesson gives me things to work on in my own time. I used to feel under pressure to perform and if I didn’t get what the instructor was trying to show me I would lose confidence. Not any more. I have come to realise that lessons are supposed to be an enjoyable experience (hopefully for the instructor and the student) and we all learn at different speeds and in different ways. I have one friend who can have a cast explained to him and he will perform it almost perfectly straight away. Me?, I need to see it done, perhaps several times, but I will get there in the end.

 So before the next season starts do yourself a favour and get a flycasting lesson booked. At the very least get a rod lined up and have some practice.

 You know it makes sense


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